Timed Auctions & Sale

Choose the perfect property with time and date flexibility.

A timed auction is a method of fundraising that allows your supporters to bid on items in real-time. As the name suggests, the length of each bid is predetermined and set by you.

Timed auctions have many advantages over traditional silent auctions: they’re more engaging because people are bidding against one another; they can be held online or offline; they allow more people to participate because there’s no need for volunteers; they’re less costly than live events; and they can be automated so that you don’t need any staff members to run them!

Our timed auctions and sales, which allow you to set your own terms for when the sale will end. This means that you have complete control over how much time your property is on the market, so you can make sure it has the most exposure possible without having to worry about competing with other properties or other buyers.

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