High-quality research and consulting service is the heart of Real Estate Logic. Our problem solving is founded on rigor and . stripped of speculation


Our service standards

Maintaining the standards for high-quality research and consultation is an integral part of our culture. It is the way we build our reputation.

Real Estate Logic Standards for High-Quality Research and Consulting

RE Logic Project Sales

The Four Service Streams

Discovering the Unseen

Service Stream 1: Research and Analysis

Whether it is property investment, selling or project management, knowing the property market is the basis for a quality decision making. Our research and analysis service keeps you informed and advantaged.

The real estate market is fast moving. It is driven by multiple factors and laws. Real Estate Logic research is committed to discover these factors and laws that are of particular relevance to the Australian real estate market. A systematic approach is adopted to study the market in eight research areas.

Research Areas

Typical issues that we deal with include but not limited to:

  • Identifying the blue chip spots in Melbourne
  • Property valuation and capital growth analysis
  • Short and medium term property market prediction on all scales
  • Cost and benefit analysis for property development projects
  • Design and construct to maximise profit
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Best practice in property marketing and sales
  • Property investment strategies.

You to be the Expert

Service Stream 2: Coaching for Property Investment

Would like to become a real estate expert? We guide you through the journey.

To equip our clients with the right skill set and knowledge for their decision making, Real Estate Logic offers coaching service. It covers the following components:

Skills, Knowledge and Information

  • Property investment theory and strategies
  • Introduction to property market analysis and forecast
  • Introduction to property development principles and strategies
  • Introduction to property portfolio design
  • Acquisition and disposal strategies
  • Introduction to property data analysis and presentation
  • Tax and finance
  • Marketing and sales.

Effective Solutions

Service Stream 3: A Tailored Strategy for your Real Estate Ambition

Need a good strategy for acquisition, sales, project? Real Estate Logic can develop one for you.

Anchored to our in-depth knowledge of Melbourne’s property market and our unique skill set, Real Estate Logic provides clients with tailored strategies to achieve their goals and to avoid fatal mistakes. These strategies can be categorised into

The Strategies

  • Invest in an established property
  • Invest in a project
  • Property development
  • Invest in a property fund
  • Establish a property fund
  • Marketing and sales
  • Property acquisition
  • Project management

We learn for You

Service Stream 4: Membership Subscription

Too much scattered cluttered information and too time consuming to analyse the fast moving property market? We can save your energy on learning.

Real Estate Logic provides membership subscription service. We read, assess, research and monitor the property market on behalf of our members. Articles, commentary, latest insights and research results are published on our website for members to access.

Subscription Content

  • Latest news, commentary and articles on the property market
  • Property market analysis and forecast for Melbourne and its regions
  • Property data analysis
  • Up-to-date property related policy and regulation
  • Up-to-date indicators of the property market
  • Architecture and styles
  • Investment opportunities.

We learn for You

Your strategic partner for Success

Our service is not one-off. Over the years, we value the continued trust and repeat business received from our past clients. We have become the strategic partner for their real estate success. To better serve clients, we have formulated a Strategic Partnership Program to provide solutions on a long-term scale. And this strategic partnership starts from a free consultation.

A Typical Consultation Process

Some Examples of our Work

15-17 Prospect Street, Box Hill VIC 3128

Strategy: management, marketing, sales and leasing (commercial).

22 Lynden Street, Camberwell VIC 3124

Strategy: marketing and sales (residential).

22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill VIC 3128

Strategy: management, marketing and sales (commercial).

2A Plant Street, Malvern VIC 3144

Strategy: marketing and sales (project).

285-287 George Street, Doncaster VIC 3108

Strategy: project management, feasibility study, marketing and sales (project).

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